Vote No on 2 Campaign ’ s Video Tells it Like it is: “Independent” Commission is Same People, Same Mission & Same Money

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Vote No on 2 Campaign’s Video Tells it Like it is: “Independent” Commission is Same People, Same Mission & Same Money

Tallahassee, Fla. – A couple of weeks ago, the Yes on 2 Campaign launched what they called an “independent” effort to fix the loopholes in their Amendment. The only problem is that their so-called “Blue Ribbon Committee” is not independent and it cannot fix the loopholes that plague Amendment 2.

The “Blue Ribbon Committee” is spearheaded by the usual suspects of pot proponents: Author of Amendment 2 & Lawyer Jon Mills, who is now the chairman of their so-called “Blue Ribbon Committee” and Yes on 2 Campaign’s campaign manager.

“Really?” said Sarah Bascom, spokesperson for the Vote No on 2 Campaign. “I guess the Yes on 2 Campaign thought nobody would notice if the author of the Amendment and their campaign manager suddenly showed up on an alleged committee with no authority or standing to fix the loopholes they created.”

Bascom continued: “You have got to give them some credit – it’s a clever move. Almost as clever as writing an initiative that tries to make people believe that Amendment 2 is about helping those with terrible, life-threatening and debilitating diseases when, in fact, it’s about opening up pot smoking for everyone in the State of Florida.”

The chairman of the newly-formed commission, Jon Mills, has even said before the Florida Supreme Court that a patient would need to say to a pot doctor to get pot, “I have throat pain, I can’t sleep, I’m having problems eating.” To view the video, click here.

“So now, in an effort to cover up for clever or sloppy ballot writing, they’ve created a ‘Blue Ribbon Committee.’ We’re not buying it and neither should Florida voters. But, we’ll let our video speak for itself,” concluded Bascom.

To view Vote No on Campaign’s video on the so-called “Independent” commission, please click here.

The Vote No on 2 Campaign is a grassroots campaign, bringing the truth about Amendment 2 to the voters of Florida. Its coalition includes members of law enforcement, business leaders, constitutional law attorneys, doctors and other medical professionals, parents and Floridians from all walks of life. Amendment 2 is simply a guise to legalize pot smoking in Florida and the goal of this campaign is to point out the loopholes and explain why this amendment is bad for Florida.

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noon2adminVote No on 2 Campaign ’ s Video Tells it Like it is: “Independent” Commission is Same People, Same Mission & Same Money