Vote No on 2 Campaign Releases “It’s a Trick” TV Ad

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Friday, October 3, 2014

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Vote No on 2 Campaign Releases “It’s a Trick” TV Ad
Doctor Explains “There’s Nothing Medical About This Marijuana”

Tallahassee, Fla. – The Vote No on 2 Campaign today released its second TV spot, “It’s a Trick,” in the campaign to defeat the effort to legalize marijuana in Florida.

The spot features Dr. Madelyn Butler, past president of the Florida Medical Association and founder of the Woman’s Group in Tampa, and will air in media markets across the state. From a doctor’s point-of-view, the ad explains that if Amendment 2 passes in November, there will be nothing medical about the unapproved and unregulated marijuana that will be sold in the State of Florida.

“This ad delivers an important warning that Floridians need to hear before they are confronted by Amendment 2 on the ballot this November,” said Sarah Bascom, spokesperson for the Vote No on 2 Campaign. “That once you wade through all of the trickery surrounding this Amendment, you realize it’s simply pot for any purpose.”

“And, coming straight from a highly-respected doctor, this is a warning that quite frankly cannot be ignored,” concluded Bascom.

To view the TV spot, please click on the image below.

Vote No on 2 Campaign_Second TV Spot
In an opinion editorial published by the Orlando Sentinel on September 26, 2014, Dr. Butler explains that a real prescription requires a doctor to specify a dose and a concentration of an FDA-approved drug, which is then filled by a licensed pharmacist at a pharmacy, but that none of these things occur for marijuana under Amendment 2. To read the opinion piece in its entirety, please click here.

Seven former Florida Supreme Court Justices, in an opinion editorial released September 9, 2014, stated the following about the effect of the certification provisions in Amendment 2: “Voters are led to believe that medical marijuana could only be used for ‘debilitating diseases.’ But, the full text of the amendment allows the use of marijuana for virtually any medical condition at the discretion of any recommending physician, and no actual prescription is required…The Florida Department of Health estimates that if Amendment 2 passes, there will be approximately 250,000 caregivers and nearly 1,800 pot shops that would dispense marijuana. This calls into question the state’s ability to adequately regulate the distribution of marijuana, since it would not be obtained from traditional pharmacies, but from shops run by the marijuana industry.”

The Vote No on 2 Campaign is a grassroots campaign, bringing the truth about Amendment 2 to the voters of Florida.  Its coalition includes members of law enforcement, business leaders, constitutional law attorneys, doctors and other medical professionals, parents and Floridians from all walks of life.  Amendment 2 is simply a guise to legalize pot smoking in Florida and the goal of this campaign is to point out the loopholes and explain why this amendment is bad for Florida.

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