General Strategies for Your Favorite Strategic Board Games

If you want a blanket article about various strategies you can use for some of your favorite strategic board games, you’ve come to the right place. If the board game in question uses any type of strategy, some of these bits of information may be of some use to you based on the general model.

Optimization of Resources

Whether you’re playing Risk or some hole in the wall game from a small indie company, you’re going to want to optimize your resources as best as you can. The more you have of the “good stuff” the better you’ll be able to kick the butt of your opponent: i.e. Bonus armies in Risk per continent, etc. When you’re in a strategy game, the core idea is that you want to have MOST, if not all of the resources available to you. When you have more resources, you have more flexibility and have more of an edge over your opponent. The more resources you have, the better you can use types of synergy strategies.

You may be wondering: what if I don’t have the upper hand in this situation? We’ll talk about the control strategies that can help you combat someone who has all of the resources in various strategy games. For now, we’ll quickly mention action maximization, which is a type of optimization of resources. For example, acquiring continents with more bonus armies is a great way to capitalize on resources, and should be your main goal in Risk. The best continents to acquire or North America and Europe, as they give you the most bonus armies per turn.

When it comes to synergizing, you’ll want to combine your resources to have an even better and great effect on areas of the game. Let’s take a look at Risk again: the more continents and bonus armies you have, the more likely you are to strike and overwhelm your opponent, conquering the heck out of them.

Controlling the Wizard of Resources

When you don’t have the upper hand like the person garnering all of the resources, you’ll want to take control by denying their ability to go down certain paths. When you take on this type of strategy, you have to look at their moves carefully and attempt to predict the way they’re going. You may not be able to predict well enough, but in specific games, killing your opponent first is a way of controlling via “assassination”.

Beyond this, you can go the offensive action route where you’ll want to take out something else that’s important to them. If they’re focusing on a specific type of resources but are neglecting other areas of their game plan, you can strike them where they’re the most vulnerable. They may have the most resources, but you can make sure they become limited in the number of choices or paths they can ultimately take.

Final Word

There’s of course a lot more to know when it comes to synergizing and acquiring resources, such as risk levels versus risk rewards, offensive actions, and more, but we only have time to show you so much! There are quite a few resources online that you can utilize to help you garner the most resources in your strategic board games.