Florida Business Organizations Urge ‘No on Amendment 2’

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Florida Business Organizations Urge ‘No on Amendment 2′

Tallahassee, Fla. – The Vote No on 2 Campaign today showcased the Florida business organizations opposed to the so-called medical marijuana Amendment. The business organizations, which include the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Associated Industries of Florida, have all recently voiced their concerns about this loophole-ridden Amendment and the potential consequences for the state if Amendment 2 passes in November.

Here are the Florida business organizations in their own words:

“Normally we focus on creating jobs, improving education and making Florida more competitive, but this is the type of business Florida can do without. I find it curious that the largest funder of this push to legalize pot is a personal injury trial lawyer firm, yet such measures are overwhelmingly opposed by Florida’s medical and law enforcement community. Florida voters are smart and when the facts are on the table, I believe they will say no to drugs in Florida.”
-    Mark Wilson, president and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce

“Florida businesses cannot afford the tarnished image this Amendment would bring to our business-friendly state nor the negative consequences that increased marijuana use and availability will have in our neighborhoods and communities. Simply put, Amendment 2 is bad for business and bad for Florida.”
-    Tom Feeney, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Florida

“CFHLA Leadership will not support an ambiguous legislation that defies federal law without medical legitimacy, especially an amendment that would turn Florida into one of the nation’s easiest states for individuals to acquire ‘medical’ marijuana certification.”
-    Resolution by Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association

“The provisions of Amendment 2 threaten Floridians’ quality of life because they are too nebulous, too loose and too lacking in common-sense protection from inappropriate and dangerous use.”
-    Steve Halverson, chairman of the Florida Council of 100

“The International Drive Resort Area Chamber of Commerce opposes Amendment 2, which is wrought with dangerous loopholes that, should it be successful, will have dire consequences on the State of Florida and its residents.”
-    Resolution by International Drive Resort Area Chamber of Commerce

The Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida and the Florida Trucking Association have also voiced their opposition to Amendment 2 and, in turn, joined the Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot Coalition to educate Floridians on the dangers of marijuana and the misleading efforts to allow marijuana for supposed medical uses in Florida.

The Vote No on 2 Campaign is a grassroots campaign, bringing the truth about Amendment 2 to the voters of Florida.  Its coalition includes members of law enforcement, business leaders, constitutional law attorneys, doctors and other medical professionals, parents and Floridians from all walks of life. Amendment 2 is simply a guise to legalize pot smoking in Florida and the goal of this campaign is to point out the loopholes and explain why this amendment is bad for Florida.

For more information on the Vote No on 2 Campaign, please visit www.voteno2.org, follow @saynoamendment2 and like FB.com/noonamendment2.

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