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Have Your Rights Been Violated by a Creditor?

Creditors and debt collectors have got to be some of the most hated people in America. They call and harass and sometimes even try underhanded, shady things to get you to pay them. But did you know that what they are doing might be illegal? If a creditor violate your rights you can take legal action against them. The problem is many people don’t know when their rights have been violated and you can be punished for filing frivolous claims. Which is why I have gathered some of the things creditors might do that are considered a violation of your rights and that you should take legal action against.

Some things that creditors might do that are considered violations of your rights include:

  • When a creditor doesn’t report that a debt was forgiven during bankruptcy
  • Reporting old, or dead, debts as new, or alive, ones
  • Reporting info older than a certain number of years (7 or 10 years, depending on the info and the situation)
  • Reporting false or inaccurate information to a credit reporting agency such as, the wrong account balance due, reporting payments as late when you actually paid on time, and reporting a debt that does not exist or that you have already paid.
  • If you dispute a debt, the creditor must notify every CRA involved of the dispute.
  • Giving your credit information to people without your permission, such as a potential employer.

It is important to know your rights as a consumer so that creditors cannot take advantage of you. Creditors already know your rights but they assume you don’t. So it is also good to know you’re right so that you know when they are being violated and when you need to take action. Usually creditors try not to violate your rights because they know they will be punished for it. However, sometimes they still do and that is when you need to consult an attorney.

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For those who are not in southern California, the Internet can be a great tool that you already have at your disposal. It’s as simple as doing a Google search for “bankruptcy attorneys near me”. Read reviews and do plenty of research, but remember, a call and consultation can be a much better indicator than a review.