Can Buying the Best Pair of Basketball Shoes for Outdoor Court Elevate Your Game?

The title may seem like a mouthful, but those who are looking to amplify their outdoor basketball game are squirming in their seats to find out the answer. Will your game actually improve or will your playstyle be brought down immensely? In this list, we’ll tell you the reasons why the best pair of basketball shoes for outdoor court can really elevate your game.

Outdoor-specific shoes make a difference

There are many people that think an indoor shoe can work outdoors, but if you want to maximize your potential and elevate your game, you should probably invest in a pair of shoes that are meant for outdoor capabilities. We all know that outdoor vs. indoor basketballs are different due to the terrain, so why wouldn’t that also apply to your shoes – especially when crazy movement is involved? If you’re using indoor shoes outdoors, you may run the risk of flattening the traction way too soon, as the gravel versus an indoor court are very different. If you want your shoes to last a long time, especially if you’re more rough on the gravel, you should definitely invest in a pair of good outdoor basketball shoes. Gravel is pretty tough against shoes, and you’ll want to make sure that your footwear can match that.

Ankle support versus court

Maybe you’re someone that needs a bit of support when you’re in basketball shoes outdoors, and sometimes, indoor shoes won’t be able to give you that because they aren’t meant for gravel. Moving and making sharp, quick turns on gravel can actually harm you if you aren’t wearing the proper footwear. Wearing indoor shoes on gravel and making quick movements can ultimately work against you – even though you’re purchasing basketball shoes. Finding a court specific pair of basketball shoes will ensure longevity and safety.

Heavier soles for a harder playstyle

Because your feet are constantly meeting the gravel, outdoor basketball shoes are designed to withstand those forces and the impact. Because of this, outdoor basketball shoes have a heavier outsole to ensure that the gravel court isn’t going to rip apart your shoes. If you’re trying to wear indoor shoes outdoors, they’ll be shredded within a few uses, and can even wear out with as little as one usage! Let’s not forget that this means that outdoor basketball shoes are generally heavier, so if you need support for indoor shoes, you’ll definitely need support for outdoor shoes. With that being said, the grooves of the shoe tend to be deeper as well, to withstand the impact of your feet/weight hitting the gravel.

Deceleration and acceleration on the court

You rarely ever see a successful game of basketball (whether indoors or outdoors) that doesn’t involve some sort of speed. It’s pivotal that the player can decelerate and accelerate with ease, and the proper footwear makes all of the difference. Whether you’re changing directions quickly or cutting, you need a pair of shoes that has a specific design and structure to do so. Beyond this, the materials used within the architecture of the outdoor basketball shoe will ensure flexibility and support all in one. Being able to move quickly and have enough support will allow you to successfully hit the gravel and amplify your game.

More breathable than indoors

It goes without saying that outdoors versus indoors means a general climate change. While it may not be as humid inside, you’ll still get a bit hot, but indoor shoes don’t always budget for that. Outdoor shoes are typically composed of breathable mesh materials that ensure the stimulation of the circulation of air. When your feet are able to breath, your feet won’t sweat as much and you can remain at the top of your game without sweating.

Cushioned midsoles

If you want something that’s all-around comfortable, you’ll want outdoor basketball shoes, as they are typically made with more cushioning in the insoles to comfort the feet during their impact with the ground. Without, you won’t be able to stay on top of your game and remain comfortable through playtime.


All in all, the shoes make a difference during games of basketball versus the environment. By using indoor shoes on an outdoor court, you run the risk of injury and wasted money as they’ll be ripped to shreds fairly quickly.