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Have Your Rights Been Violated by a Creditor?

Creditors and debt collectors have got to be some of the most hated people in America. They call and harass and sometimes even try underhanded, shady things to get you to pay them. But did you know that what they are doing might be illegal? If a creditor violate your rights you can take legal action against them. The problem is many people don’t know when their rights have been violated and you can be punished for filing frivolous claims. Which is why I have gathered some of the things creditors might do that are considered a violation of your rights and that you should take legal action against.

Some things that creditors might do that are considered violations of your rights include:

  • When a creditor doesn’t report that a debt was forgiven during bankruptcy
  • Reporting old, or dead, debts as new, or alive, ones
  • Reporting info older than a certain number of years (7 or 10 years, depending on the info and the situation)
  • Reporting false or inaccurate information to a credit reporting agency such as, the wrong account balance due, reporting payments as late when you actually paid on time, and reporting a debt that does not exist or that you have already paid.
  • If you dispute a debt, the creditor must notify every CRA involved of the dispute.
  • Giving your credit information to people without your permission, such as a potential employer.

It is important to know your rights as a consumer so that creditors cannot take advantage of you. Creditors already know your rights but they assume you don’t. So it is also good to know you’re right so that you know when they are being violated and when you need to take action. Usually creditors try not to violate your rights because they know they will be punished for it. However, sometimes they still do and that is when you need to consult an attorney.

If you are in the Southern California area and you have found your rights being violated by creditors you should call the BLC Law Center. They have built up a great reputation for themselves in the area and are worth a call. BLC offers a free consultation so you can learn more about different legal routes.

The BLC Law Center specializes in various personal finance areas including bankruptcy. They are focused on and dedicated to protecting your rights as a consumer and are known for helping people out of tough spots.

To learn more about the best bankruptcy lawyers in San Diego, visit their informative and easy to use site at There, you will find more info about what it is that they do. You can also learn more about the attorneys themselves and get contact info for the center. In my experience with them, they are straight forward professionals that treat their clients really well. Ever since my consultation, I knew that they were the perfect law firm for me. They made all the confusing legal talk easy to understand, so ik actually understood what was going on the entire time. I came out on the other side knowing more, which is always great, especially for the price you pay.

For those who are not in southern California, the Internet can be a great tool that you already have at your disposal. It’s as simple as doing a Google search for “bankruptcy attorneys near me”. Read reviews and do plenty of research, but remember, a call and consultation can be a much better indicator than a review.

strategic board games

General Strategies for Your Favorite Strategic Board Games

If you want a blanket article about various strategies you can use for some of your favorite strategic board games, you’ve come to the right place. If the board game in question uses any type of strategy, some of these bits of information may be of some use to you based on the general model.

Optimization of Resources

Whether you’re playing Risk or some hole in the wall game from a small indie company, you’re going to want to optimize your resources as best as you can. The more you have of the “good stuff” the better you’ll be able to kick the butt of your opponent: i.e. Bonus armies in Risk per continent, etc. When you’re in a strategy game, the core idea is that you want to have MOST, if not all of the resources available to you. When you have more resources, you have more flexibility and have more of an edge over your opponent. The more resources you have, the better you can use types of synergy strategies.

You may be wondering: what if I don’t have the upper hand in this situation? We’ll talk about the control strategies that can help you combat someone who has all of the resources in various strategy games. For now, we’ll quickly mention action maximization, which is a type of optimization of resources. For example, acquiring continents with more bonus armies is a great way to capitalize on resources, and should be your main goal in Risk. The best continents to acquire or North America and Europe, as they give you the most bonus armies per turn.

When it comes to synergizing, you’ll want to combine your resources to have an even better and great effect on areas of the game. Let’s take a look at Risk again: the more continents and bonus armies you have, the more likely you are to strike and overwhelm your opponent, conquering the heck out of them.

Controlling the Wizard of Resources

When you don’t have the upper hand like the person garnering all of the resources, you’ll want to take control by denying their ability to go down certain paths. When you take on this type of strategy, you have to look at their moves carefully and attempt to predict the way they’re going. You may not be able to predict well enough, but in specific games, killing your opponent first is a way of controlling via “assassination”.

Beyond this, you can go the offensive action route where you’ll want to take out something else that’s important to them. If they’re focusing on a specific type of resources but are neglecting other areas of their game plan, you can strike them where they’re the most vulnerable. They may have the most resources, but you can make sure they become limited in the number of choices or paths they can ultimately take.

Final Word

There’s of course a lot more to know when it comes to synergizing and acquiring resources, such as risk levels versus risk rewards, offensive actions, and more, but we only have time to show you so much! There are quite a few resources online that you can utilize to help you garner the most resources in your strategic board games.

Can Buying the Best Pair of Basketball Shoes for Outdoor Court Elevate Your Game?

The title may seem like a mouthful, but those who are looking to amplify their outdoor basketball game are squirming in their seats to find out the answer. Will your game actually improve or will your playstyle be brought down immensely? In this list, we’ll tell you the reasons why the best pair of basketball shoes for outdoor court can really elevate your game.

Outdoor-specific shoes make a difference

There are many people that think an indoor shoe can work outdoors, but if you want to maximize your potential and elevate your game, you should probably invest in a pair of shoes that are meant for outdoor capabilities. We all know that outdoor vs. indoor basketballs are different due to the terrain, so why wouldn’t that also apply to your shoes – especially when crazy movement is involved? If you’re using indoor shoes outdoors, you may run the risk of flattening the traction way too soon, as the gravel versus an indoor court are very different. If you want your shoes to last a long time, especially if you’re more rough on the gravel, you should definitely invest in a pair of good outdoor basketball shoes. Gravel is pretty tough against shoes, and you’ll want to make sure that your footwear can match that.

Ankle support versus court

Maybe you’re someone that needs a bit of support when you’re in basketball shoes outdoors, and sometimes, indoor shoes won’t be able to give you that because they aren’t meant for gravel. Moving and making sharp, quick turns on gravel can actually harm you if you aren’t wearing the proper footwear. Wearing indoor shoes on gravel and making quick movements can ultimately work against you – even though you’re purchasing basketball shoes. Finding a court specific pair of basketball shoes will ensure longevity and safety.

Heavier soles for a harder playstyle

Because your feet are constantly meeting the gravel, outdoor basketball shoes are designed to withstand those forces and the impact. Because of this, outdoor basketball shoes have a heavier outsole to ensure that the gravel court isn’t going to rip apart your shoes. If you’re trying to wear indoor shoes outdoors, they’ll be shredded within a few uses, and can even wear out with as little as one usage! Let’s not forget that this means that outdoor basketball shoes are generally heavier, so if you need support for indoor shoes, you’ll definitely need support for outdoor shoes. With that being said, the grooves of the shoe tend to be deeper as well, to withstand the impact of your feet/weight hitting the gravel.

Deceleration and acceleration on the court

You rarely ever see a successful game of basketball (whether indoors or outdoors) that doesn’t involve some sort of speed. It’s pivotal that the player can decelerate and accelerate with ease, and the proper footwear makes all of the difference. Whether you’re changing directions quickly or cutting, you need a pair of shoes that has a specific design and structure to do so. Beyond this, the materials used within the architecture of the outdoor basketball shoe will ensure flexibility and support all in one. Being able to move quickly and have enough support will allow you to successfully hit the gravel and amplify your game.

More breathable than indoors

It goes without saying that outdoors versus indoors means a general climate change. While it may not be as humid inside, you’ll still get a bit hot, but indoor shoes don’t always budget for that. Outdoor shoes are typically composed of breathable mesh materials that ensure the stimulation of the circulation of air. When your feet are able to breath, your feet won’t sweat as much and you can remain at the top of your game without sweating.

Cushioned midsoles

If you want something that’s all-around comfortable, you’ll want outdoor basketball shoes, as they are typically made with more cushioning in the insoles to comfort the feet during their impact with the ground. Without, you won’t be able to stay on top of your game and remain comfortable through playtime.


All in all, the shoes make a difference during games of basketball versus the environment. By using indoor shoes on an outdoor court, you run the risk of injury and wasted money as they’ll be ripped to shreds fairly quickly.

How A Website Saved My Pregnancy

For many women, pregnancy is one of their favorite times. If you are lucky enough to avoid all the various complications, such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, anemia, going into labor early, or any other of the multitude of complications, then pregnancy will probably be pretty enjoyable for you.

The Start

I remember to begin with I was miserable, and then I loved it. The first trimester was the worst. I had terrible morning sickness and never had energy to do anything. Turns out creating and growing an entirely new organ is hard work. I took naps all the time and probably slept at least 12 hours a day. By the time the second trimester rolled around, the morning sickness was mostly gone, and I had most of my energy back. This was also when I started getting that cute little bump and I loved it. The bigger my daughter got, the bigger I got and it was all such a surreal experience. The second time around, I didn’t even know I was pregnant until I was already half way along, I felt like I was robbed of half of my pregnancy. I still joke with my husband that I have all the kids I want, but I just wanna be pregnant again.

But of course, I have no plans of getting pregnant because it already takes a village to raise the two that we have. If we had anymore I think we both might just lose it. A big part of what has kept us sane thus far is a website I found while I was pregnant with my second kid, my son. It’s called and it helped take the guess work out of shopping for baby.

After having my daughter, I thought we were done and we would just have one kid. My son was a little surprise miracle, but we had almost nothing for him. We had given away all of our stuff from when we had our daughter, like her bottles, her bottle warmer, the high chair, diaper cream, everything. So during the last half of my pregnancy, as we scrambled to find the best stuff, BabyCareMentor was there to help guide us. They tons of different kinds of articles, but what we found most helpful were their buying guides. They have tons of buying guides where they recommend top products. They give practical information, not useless stuff like where it was made or the exact dimensions, to help you make your decisions. And my favorite part was that after choosing the products we wanted, we didn’t have to go to the store and hunt them all down. Baby Care Mentor links directly to where you can buy the products, and with just a few clicks of your mouse, it is ordered and on the way.

After The Birth

Even after my son was born, I found this site to come in handy quite often. There were tons of small things along the way that I forgot, and when that happened, Baby Care Mentor is there for you. To this day it is a site I highly recommend. There is nothing you can lose from browsing, and you’ll probably find something that can help you and improve your life. Now, it is possible that there’s nothing there for you. But, it is more likely that you’ll love it and want more, I know I did. That’s why I signed up for their newsletter. When you sign up for their newsletter, you can baby care tips directly to your email and updates about the website. Baby Care Mentor never spams your email or sends you useless stuff. It’s an email that I actually get a little excited to read.

If you are still unsure about whether or not to give the site a try, maybe their exquisite mobile site will win you over. That’s right, you don’t have to be near your computer to get the full experience of the site. Their mobile site runs extremely smoothly, making it super easy to just pull up on your smartphone real quick and browse around. It is also super easy to navigate through and not at all glitchy like countless desktop sites when you try to run them on mobile.

If that, on top of everything else, doesn’t sell you on Baby Care Mentor, well then I’m not sure what will. It is a great way to learn new things, or get confirmation that what you’re doing is right, so check it out.

Looking To Buy Top Hybrid Bikes For The Money – Useful Tips

When you decide to choose a hybrid bike you are buying something which has features that help it to traverse different types of terrains. It comes with the features of a mountain bike and can easily move along roads which are unpaved. On the other hand, it also can double as a city bike and move speedily along paved road of any big city of down. Hence, it is a combination of ordinary road bike and mountain bike and can be used interchangeably. While this is the basic feature as far as hybrid bikes are concerned, when it comes to buying hybrid bikes, you could have a tough task in hand. Hence it would be not a bad idea to have some basic idea and information about the various points to be kept in mind when you are planning to buy such bikes.

Yes It Could Be An Exciting But Challenging Buying Decision

Though there are many different makes and models of hybrid bikes available in the market, buying the right one could be a tough job. This is because almost each and every make and model seem to be the same. Therefore, you must know what to compare between various makes and models and then come up with a buying decision. Further, if you have a limited budget then your job becomes even tougher. You must spend some time going through the right due diligence process and then coming to a decision.

Identify Your Needs First 

With so many options being available the first task is to identify the purpose for which you are planning to buy a hybrid bike. If you are planning to use it mostly for commuting within your city and neighborhood then you could go for a basic model which does not have other sophisticated featured and functions. On the other hand, if you wish to indulge in some adventurous activities with your bicycle then it makes sense for you to look for a hybrid bike in the true sense of the term. Once the needs have been identified the next task is to set a budget for your bicycle. There are bikes ranging from $500 to $5000 and therefore here again you need to be clear about the budget which you wish to set apart for the bike. This will make the job of choosing the right bike that much simpler and easier.

Frame, Tires And Size

Once the budget and purpose are clear, the next job is to spend some time choosing the right wheel and tire dimension of the hybrid bikes. Most of them come with a 700 cc wheel base. They are basically designed to handle rough road surfaces, full of bumps, cracks and they also can negotiate pavements quite easily. These special tires could also come in handy when you need to accelerate and move uphill on hilly roads.

The frame of the bike is another important point which must be taken into account. It is akin to the skeleton of our body and therefore it must be strong and robust at all points of time. It must be resistant to corrosion and rust and therefore you must spend some time choosing the best material out of which these frames are made. Aluminum, steel and carbon are the most commonly used materials and you must know how to have the right mix of quality and lightness failing which you could end up having a heavy bicycle.

Finally size is one of the most important considerations when buying hybrid bikes or any bicycle for that matter. As you ride along the bike, you must feel comfortable and must be able to easily ground your legs so that the safety aspect is fully taken care of. The rule of the thumb is to choose a bicycle where you are able to stand over the middle part of the frame with your feet flat on the ground on both sides.

Nespresso Ezzenza Espresso Machine Review

There is a new revolution within the at home coffee industry. It used to be that if you desired to make espressos and standard coffee within your home, then you had to purchase two different machines, which would both clutter up your home and cost you quite a bit of money. However, within the past several years there is a transformation within the coffee maker industry. These new products will provide you the ability to create tasty espressos and professional-quality coffee within one machine. The Nespresso Essenza Espresso Machine amp; Coffee Maker, Model: C100 is one of the most unique and highly user-friendly coffee maker/espresso machines on the market today. Within this product you will be able to treat yourself, and your guests, with café-quality coffee drinks.

Main Product Features:

This espresso machine and coffee maker is one of the most unique additions that can be made to any kitchen. One of the first features that caught my eye with this espresso machine is the overall design. The unique capsule design will allow you to have a unique addition to your kitchen that surely to be a conversation starter. If you enjoy entertaining, then I would highly suggest this espresso machine/coffee maker.

With some of the most advanced espresso-making technologies placed within this machine, you will be able to have the best tasting coffee and espressos without having to work for them.

The basic design of this espresso machine is to give you optimum tasting coffee drinks with little-to-no effort on your part. This machine works off of either pre-programmed espresso functions or through the Lungo sizes, which is a 5-ounce cup of coffee. To begin making a coffee or espresso, simply push a single button, and the machine does the rest of the work for you.

The 32-ounce water reservoir is easily removed for refilling as well as cleaning. The Grand Cru Nespresso Capsules are a great alternative to standard coffee making, and it ensures a perfect cup of coffee or espresso every time you use it.

The only downfall that I wish to point out within this espresso machine is the fact that it only prepares a single cup of coffee, or espresso, at a time. If you have to make an espresso for an entire group of friends, it can take some time.

Product Price:

The average price for this espresso machine/coffee maker from the Nespresso Essenza product line is around $225. You can purchase this product both online and in home appliance retail stores.